Multi-University Conference of Metrology
4-6 of September 2017 Częstochowa/Koszęcin

Częstochowa University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical Engineering

Dear Sir and Madam

    We cordially invite you to take part in the XLIX Multi-University Conference of Metrology MKM 2017. The conference provides an excellent opportunity for scientists and industry engineers to present and discuss results of their research focused on measurements and metrology. Polish and English will be the official languages of the event. We understand the importance of education of next generation experts in the mainstream of innovative knowledge-based economy. Formula of MKM'2017 maintains the tradition of promoting young researchers, so students - members of research teams, Ph.D. students with their tutors and promoters are also welcomed to participate.

    Thematic scope includes theoretical and practical issues related to:

    • past, present and future perspectives of metrology;
    • the role of metrology in the innovative economy;
    • standards, certification and accreditation;
    • measurements of physical and chemical quantities;
    • measurements in biology and medicine;
    • measurement and diagnostic systems;
    • signal processing in metrology;
    • analysis of the results of measurement with evaluation of uncertainty;
    • modelling of measurement systems;
    • teaching metrology.

    All submitted papers will be evaluated by reviewers. All accepted papers, obligatory presented during the Conference will be published in the scientific journal The Scientific Papers of Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering Gdańsk University of Technology


Head of the Organizing Committee

       Head of the Scientific Committee

Sławomir Gryś,
Prof. of CUT
(Częstochowa University of Tech., Poland)

Dariusz Świsulski,
Prof. of GUT
(Gdańsk University of Tech., Poland)

    Conference is being organized by Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland under honorary patronage of:

  • Dr. W. Lewandowski - President of the Central Office of Measures, Poland
  • Prof. N. Sczygiol - Rector of Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland
  • S. Waluś, Prof. of Silesian Univ. of Tech., Katowice Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Metrology Commision
  • K. Jagieła, Prof. of ATH Bielsko-Biała, Association of Polish Electrical Engineers District Częstochowa

Scientific Committee

    Dariusz Świsulski, Prof. of GUT - Gdańsk University of Technology

    Andrzej Bień, Prof. of AGH - AGH University of Science and Technology, Kraków
    Sławomir Gryś, Prof. of CUT - Częstochowa University of Technology
    Dariusz Kasprzak, Ph.D. - State University of Applied Sciences in Kalisz
    Radosław Kłosiński, Prof. of UZG - University of Zielona Góra
    Romuald Maśnicki, Ph.D. - Gdynia Maritime University
    Grzegorz Pankanin, Prof. of WUT - Warsaw University of Technology
    Mariusz Rząsa, Prof. of OUT - Opole University of Technology
    Prof. Leon Swędrowski - Gdańsk University of Technology
    Maria Wrzuszczak, Prof. of OUT - Opole University of Technology

    Adam Jakubas - Częstochowa University of Technology


    The XLIX Multi-University Conference of Metrology MKM 2017 will be held in Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Częstochowa University of Technology, Poland and Palace and Park Complex in Koszęcin (in Polish: Kompleks Pałacowo-Parkowy Zespołu „Śląsk”), from 4th to 6th September 2017. The venues are located in the southern Poland belonging to the beautiful Silesian Region.

    The University and Faculty websites are: and The images of Palace are available from link and its interiors from link


    30th April 2017 – registration and submission of full papers
    20th May 2017 – registration and submission of full papers
    10 June 2017 – information about paper acceptation
    25 June 2017 – payment of conference fee
    4-6 September 2017 – the proceedings of conference

The conference leaflet

    Here you can download the conference leaflet


The map depicts the conference venue.

Framework program of XLIX Conference MKM'2017:

The final program will be available in August

Organizing Committee:

Prof. dr hab. inż. Waldemar Minkina
Sławomir Gryś, Prof. of CUT (Head)
Janusz Baran, Ph.D.
Paweł Czaja, Ph.D.
Marek Kurkowski, Ph.D.
Aleksander Zaremba, Ph.D

Contact and information:

Secretary of the Organizing Committee for MKM'2017
Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Czestochowa University of Technology Al. Armii Krajowej 17
42-200 Czestochowa



Telefon: +48 34 32 50 892

Adam Cudek - "ADEX" - financial matters, VAT


Telefon: +48 502 691 703

Registration and fee

Cost of participation
    Fee is 250 euro and includes:
    • participation in all sessions,
    • paper presentation,
    • proceedings of conference in printed version (free on-line version will be also available),
    • coffee breaks,
    • accommodation with full board (2 nights in Palace), 4/5.09.2017 and 5/6.09.2017
    • transport from University to Palace (35 km),
    • social events.
    Please note that the fee does not include accommodation with 3 out of 4 September 2017. Organizers offer assistance in booking a room in hotel or in student hostel of CUT (5 minutes walk to the place of meeting).
For details of bank transfer please contact to Organizing Committee Registration please make by filling in the registration form below:

The bank account number is:

"ADEX" sp.j.
ul.Chorzowska 50
44-100 Gliwice
TAX ID: 631-23-63-804
Pekao S.A. IBAN: PL 80 1240 4272 1111 0000 4836 1820
Refers to: "MKM'2017, name and lastname"


Submission of papers

    Only original and unpublished papers will be presented at the Conference. The paper should be prepared in Polish or English for printing the proceedings and also presentation during the oral/poster session. The authors may download the template and copyright statement for their paper here: The text should not exceed four pages. After the reviewing process, the authors will be notified individually about form of presentation, i.e. oral or poster. Authors are kindly invited to submit full text of paper in DOC and PDF format, directly by e-mail to the Organizing Committee Both files must contain the same content.






Gallery of MKM'2016

from left: Prof. A. Bień (Chairman of OC MKM'2016), Prof. S. Gryś (Chairman of OC MKM'2017), Prof. D. Świsulski (Chairman of SC.)